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When your vehicle goes into a garage for a standard service you’d assume your air conditioning system would be checked, wouldn’t you? We’ll it isn’t and there’s actually a separate service that you can get done for your vehicle’s air con. We can for this service for all makes and model of vehicle. Our team of highly qualified technicians aim to provide air con services in a quick turnaround time. All while maintaining accuracy and making sure that everything is running properly.

What exactly is an air conditioning service?

Air conditioning services are similar MOT tests but specifically for air cons - they make sure that everything in the system is working properly and that enough clean, cool air is being produced. To optimise the health of your vehicle's air con, it’s suggested that you get it checked every two years to keep it in the best possible condition.

Aside from cooling your vehicle cabin in the summer - your air con also stops pollen, dust and other debris from entering your cabin through its filter system. This leads to a build up of dirt over time, so, during this service, we can carry out an antibacterial clean. Doing this will keep the cool air flowing into your vehicle when required.

It's thought that on average, vehicle air cons are not in use for at least half of the year - particularly during the autumn and winter months as it's not necessary. During this time, it's thought that around 20% of the vital refrigerant gas and lubricant will escape through the vents, resulting in your air con not working properly.

The facilities we have allow us to work efficiently and in a timely manner. During the service, we’ll restore all the vital gases and give your air con system a deep anti-bacterial treatment that will stop bacteria from growing on the vents. This service will leave your vehicle air con feeling refreshed. Our team is trained to spot any damage and fix it.

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