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What is included in a car service?

You’ve heard from many people just how important a car service is for your vehicle – but do you know why that is? And, actually, what is included in a car service? Well, it’s certainly as important a process as everyone says however, it’s definitely a lot less complicated than you might think. We’re here to clear the confusion about what a car service includes, shed some light on what we do here at Hares Servicing and Repairs and give a few reasons why it’s so important for you to book one.

What happens in a car service?

A mechanic will inspect both the quality and safety of your car across a number of checks, depending on what car service you book. The more comprehensive the service, the more checks will be carried out. If problems are found, the mechanic will deliver a certain number of repairs included as standard within the service however, they’ll also communicate a further repair plan with you should it be required. Here at Hares Servicing and Repairs, we offer three different levels of high-quality servicing, each covering a different range and depth of checks. Those services are interim, full and major – but what does each entail?

What is included in an interim service?

An interim service consists of 25 checks. It’s an appointment best carried out every six months, especially for vehicles with a high yearly mileage. If you rely on your vehicle for work, it’s worth investing in a more regular service schedule to keep everything working correctly. During an interim service, we’ll check your fluid levels, replace your oil filter, check the condition of your tyres and perform visual checks on your engine, brakes and clutch for any leaks or wear and tear, amongst other things. It’s nothing major, just a small amount of routine maintenance to keep everything ticking over nicely.

What is included in a full service?

A full service is slightly more comprehensive, covering 40 different checks. It works best either as a yearly car service or after every 12,000 miles. During a full service, we’ll check the same components as in an interim as well as replace your air filter, check the condition of your windscreen and radiator and perform more thorough inspections of your brakes and suspension, amongst other things. It’s a step up from an interim service and, alongside an MOT test, really keeps your vehicle moving properly all year around.

What is included in a major service?

A major service is as comprehensive as they come, encompassing 60 different checks. It works best as a bi-yearly service, mainly because it is so thorough. During a major service, we’ll inspect everything we would in a full service plus we’ll replace your fuel filter, check the condition of your doors, bonnet, locks and clutch operation. On top of all that, we’ll also service the components that are designed to last longer, such as your air conditioning system and radiator cap. We can also replace your spark plugs at an additional cost if they’re damaged or aging. It’s truly the most thorough car service you can book because its designed to care for a vehicle after a more extended period of time.

Why does it all matter?

Well, the benefits of a car service are wider reaching than you might imagine. Not only does it improve the efficiency and performance of your car, you actually save lots of money in the long run! Your running costs are significantly reduced as a more efficient car has every component working at full capacity rather than struggling to perform at their proper levels. If all that wasn’t enough motivation, you might be able to sell your car for a little bit more money with a detailed service history as it proves to potential buyers just how much you’ve cared for it.

Hopefully, you’re now a bit more clued up on what is included in a car service and also why you should book one with Hares Servicing and Repairs today. A regular service schedule is important as it maintains the quality and value of your car. So, if you can’t remember the last time you booked a car service, why not book a full or major service today through our online booking tool?